Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Holiday Pig | Jackson, MI Pet Photographer

I couldn't resist photographing the Pig again this holiday season. He's just such a good model for me and listens so well. Here's the cuteness that came out of his mini-session.

Piglet's Christmas portrait.Piglet Tangled in Christmas lights.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What to Wear Wednesday: Mustard & Purple

If you've been following my blog, you know I have a *semi-unhealthy* obsession with the color mustard, so as soon as I saw this collection I was immediately drawn to it. I don't know what it is, I just love that color and burnt orange and charcoal grey and...oh there's too many to name, but mustard is high on the list of awesomeness. But I love the subtle hints of purple in this tied in with the shoe, so cute!

Get The Look : Solange Knowles

Now I don't expect anyone to rush out and buy these items, but they're great for giving you ideas of how to put together a portrait wardrobe.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What to Wear Wednesday: Thanksgiving Day Edition

Okay, I seriously am in love with that "wooden" shoe!! If I had any sort of girly, girl in me I'd buy them, but I'd probably break my neck trying to walk in them. To me, this just screams Thanksgiving with all the rich browns and orange tones. Perfect for any family gathering or portrait.

Now I don't expect anyone to rush out and buy these items, but they're great for giving you ideas of how to put together a portrait wardrobe.

Acne Shining crepe shirt

Monday, November 19, 2012

Paint Fight! | Jackson, MI Engagement Photographer

Meet Katie, Doug (THE Doug), and their fur child Louise; they're our first official 2013 wedding! I've known Katie for a few years now, we used to work together and then we played roller derby together and now I'm photographing her wedding and engagement photos. When Katie told me she wanted to have a paint fight for her engagement photos I was so excited. She's always been really creative and I could just tell that this was going to be an awesome session. The paint colors her and Doug used in the fight are their wedding colors.

And I couldn't leave out this little cutie, while her parents were cleaning up, I took the chance to grab this quick shot of Louise in all her adorable glory.

Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Fellow Photogs | Jackson, MI Photographer

I was trying to come up with an idea of what to blog about for today and was thinking of all the photographers I have met because of social media and networking sites. Photographers that I would have NEVER known about without the magic of the internet, so I want to introduce you to five of those people, in alphabetical order just to be fair because they're each very awesome! All of these photographers I have met on a Facebook group for professional photographers.

David Grupa Portrait - Maplewood, MN

There are a few frequent posters on the Facebook group and David is one of them. He is a master with words and is great at helping you say something in a professional manner! On more than one occasion he has helped me with writers block and other behind the scenes things with Natty J Photography. David was even gracious enough to give me a call and talk shop for a good hour or so. He's always there to help out and give expert advice from someone who has been in the industry a number of years. He is a Certified Professional Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America and gave me some really great resources to start studying for my own certification!

In addition to being a photographer, he runs Camp David which is and EXCELLENT resource to any photographer. There's everything from photographer etiquette to the business end of the industry on his site, one of the best learning tools that I go back to time and time again.

WebsiteFacebook | Blog | Twitter | Instagram: DavidGrupaPortrait

Dog Patch Pix - Middletown, OH

I was instantly drawn to Susan's work because it was mostly pet portraits or pets and their families. Who doesn't love looking at adorable photos of cute pets?! The very first image I ever saw of hers was this white pit bull on a vibrant blue backdrop and I fell in love immediately. She captures each pets personality perfectly in these beautifully, stunning portraits. When the time is right, I have been dying to take the boys down and book a portrait session with her. It'll definitely be worth the couple hour road trip to have some incredible portraits of them!

Website | Facebook | Blog | Twitter | Instagram: Gertzse

GSquared Photographics - Snohomish, WA

Kate has been the most influencial person on my business and it all started back in July when I found out I had won a free month of mentoring with her. I had no idea what that entailed at the time, but it was THE best thing that could have come into my life when I was just about to give up everything. She helped me restructure the way my business runs and helped me solidify the Natty J Photography brand to what it is today. While there are still some things that are a work in progress, Kate has given me a ginormous platform to jump off of, and for that I will always be grateful!

Kate is like Wonder Woman, she runs so many things and is the mother to some really cute children (check out her Instagram for photos of the little people!), I don't know how she does it. I swear she has super powers!

Website & Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram: Kgansneder

Huong Forrest Photography - Reno, NV

Huong is just adorable, she's just as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind it and she's the mommy to two boys who are equally adorable! I actually had the pleasure of meeting her when she came to Detroit for business back in October. Rhonda (Rhonda Morse Photography) on the left, drove down with me to pick her up from the hotel and we had a lovely adventure driving around the D in search of the restaurant...always fun! We finally arrived at Fishbones, when I looked at the menu I was so excited to see they had alligator and crawfish etouffee, so I ordered both and had them try it, seriously SO good. 

Website | Facebook | Blog | Twitter | Instagram: HuongForrest

Motormouth Studios - Portland, OR

Last, but certainly not least, is Macey from Motormouth Studios. Just from our interactions online, she's one of those people who I know we'd be instant friends if we ever met. Her design style and photographic work is just so cute and playful. She's always posting fun happenings on her Instagram page, plus her blog is full of really cute "get to know her" type posts along with client stuff. Macey loves mustaches and is currently working on a project for Movember, which helps raise awareness for men's health issues, especially prostate and testicular cancer, through the growing of facial hair. Seriously, check out the links to her work, she's great!

Website | Facebook | Blog | Twitter | Instagram: MotorMouthMacey


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