Monday, May 14, 2012

Taking the Leap | Jackson, MI Wedding Photographer

I absolutely adore couples that allow ample time for photos because we can do the important "must-have" images and then I have time to play around. I get some time to experiment with some new poses or angles that I normally wouldn't do. So we had two hours to walk around downtown Jackson and take some really fun images. I love that J + M didn't do things completely traditional, but their wedding fit their style so well. M baked German Chocolate Brownies instead of doing a cake and I designed the labels. They put one in a box for each guest to take home since the meal was going to be so big. Seriously, what a great idea!

The last image on here was one of those that I wanted to try out, but they were convinced that traffic would be too bad to get it. It took some coaching and eventually I convinced them I wasn't going to let them get run over, and I was able to get the shot. The best part about the whole thing is they said that's their favorite image of the night. Just goes to show, sometimes photographers have some crazy ideas, but if you go along with them you could get some pretty amazing photos.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Local Love | Jackson, MI Photographer

Every Friday night, the Jackson Coffee Co.'s downtown location has free live music from 7-10p upstairs. I love it because you can go relax on a Friday night after work, get some coffee from a local company and listen to a local artist/band play. 

Well last May I had the honor of photographing Alejandra O'Leary in Ann Arbor for some promotional material (here's the blog post from that session), so it was really cool that she came and played a venue here in Jackson. Her voice is really unique and the Broken Mirror Baby album is great to get work done to. I love to throw it on while I'm editing or cleaning. Not to mention, I absolutely adore the cover art to her CD's! She's definitely one to check out!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blossoming Love J+M | Jackson, MI Engagement Photographer

Absolutely LOVED photographing J + M!! I'm sure it helps that M is one of my really good friends, but I was just so excited that she found the love of her life and they're getting married! We had a blast with these and I think we might have laughed more than we took photos, regardless I think we got some great images.


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