Monday, March 19, 2012


Usually my Featured Vendor has something to do with weddings, but I want to switch it up and give you pet lovers something awesome. But wait! This month has a twist, you can use them for your wedding too!

For the longest time I have been an enormous fan of Ella's Lead! Their collars are absolutely stunning and are all handmade by the owners Ben and Rebecca. They make custom collars AND leads ranging from simple to extravagant, plus they have a set of collars that are specifically made for various charities and a portion of each sale goes towards that charity. How sweet is that?! Did I mention they're parents to two rescued bullies, Ophie and Luke? Look at those sweet faces!!!

So you're probably thinking, "What the heck does Ella's Lead have to do with weddings?" Well, if you plan on including your fur children in your wedding, they're going to need something stylin' to wear. Ella's Lead is a high class alternative to those silly bow tie collars, plus they have a variety of stone colors to adorn the collar with and can match them to your wedding colors!

Before photography I worked in a retail setting for 10+ years, so customer service is really high on my list of musts if I'm going to deal with any business. Ella's Lead has AMAZING customer service! I wanted some flashy collars with the boys names on it to make them stand out when we go for walks, but also wanted something for them to lounge around the house in. So we just ordered two sets!! When I placed my order I kind of had an idea of what I wanted, but wasn't too sure on how to explain it or if it would look good on my dogs, but Rebecca walked me through it and gave me some great recommendations. Both sets of collars look absolutely incredible on the boys and go SO well with their fur color. I couldn't be happier :D

Personally my favorite part (besides getting the collars of course) is Ella's Lead usually posts a picture of the collar on their Facebook page or at least that days work! The set below is their "lounging" collars, but don't let that fool you because these are amazing! I love the leather Ella's Lead uses, it's so soft and perfect, and smells SO good. Rebecca recommended the black leather for Niko, and I have to say that I am ecstatic that I went with it because it looks stunning on him, very sophisticated!! Piglet's been strutting around all day like he's the coolest thing since sliced bread hahaha.

The embroidered collars take a little longer to make, so I don't have pictures of those yet, but I will for sure post some when I get them.


Ella's Lead gave me permission to use their images in this post. 

UPDATE: The embroidered collars arrived a couple of days ago and I could not be happier!!! Ella's Lead has tons of pictures of their collars on their pages, but seriously pictures do not do them justice (the copper looks like the first image, when I uploaded the rest the color got desaturated). I was in love with the pics, but now that I've held the collars in my hand, I'm even more impressed. I ordered 2in wide collars, because I think wider collars look better on big dogs, plus Pig can be pretty strong so I wanted it to be able to hold up. They're perfect! The collars are nice and thick for my strong boys, the embroidery is spot on, and the hardware is perfect for big dogs. I've never seen a collar as gorgeous as these two.

And look, I have shoes that match Pig's collar so when we go for a walk we will match!

Look how thick they are!!


Piglet loves his so much he's smiling!


  1. Love the folks at Ella's Lead they make the COOOOOOOOOOOOLEST doggie collar and other custom goodies that make me smile!!!

  2. I love ellas lead, and you are exactly right! I will never order any other type of collar, or leash, nothing compares to their products, and no one tops their customer service, I love them!

  3. Wow thank you! I love their collars and I may have to get one for my husky!
    Thanks again for this post!

  4. Dogs, my favourite pets. These are so cute.

  5. Love the collars and love the post. Great creative tie in to weddings!

  6. Aww! Your babies look so good in their collars

  7. I am going to share your post with someone I think is going to have their dogs at their wedding. Great idea!

    1. That's awesome! If they use them in their wedding share the pics!!! That would be so cool!

  8. Those are awesome!! Love the embroidered collars!!!

  9. Same here I am going to show this to my fried that has a Long Hair Rottweiler.



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